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Installation instructions and manuals

Instructions for regular maintenance of your tap 

In this section you will find useful information on regular maintenance you should do on your tap to keep it tip top perfect.

We have added some video tutorials for a correct installation of your faucet, as well as instructions for small do it your self repairs. 

Finally you will find all instruction manuals and necessary data sheets ready for download.


Installation and fixing of your VIZIO faucet

Tighten the diametral cylinder firmly by hand on the body of the mixer. 
If you like you can put some common glue on the first thread that goes inside the faucet body. See our video to see how. Fit your tap in the pre cut sink (35mm hole). y


2) Periodical MAINTENANCE you should do every 6-12 month depending on local water quality.

a) Clean your jet breaker / aerator in water and vinegar in solution 50/50 

Unscrew your aerator following the instructions for your specific kitchen mixer.
(you can download a manual on this page, just check out below section GENERAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR VIZIO TAPS.

Fill a cup with 50/50 water and vinegar where you will submerge your aerator completely. Leave it for 1 night so that all stain and dirt will loose off. Wash it with running water before putting it back on the spout. (VIDEOCLIP COMING SOON)

b) Clean the 2 jet shower of your Kitchen mixer

To clean the 2 jet shower for you Kitchen sink miser follow the instructions on the PDF file you can download here.

To remove stain or dirt rinse with clear water first and then put in 50/50 mixture of Vinegar and Water. Leave only the plastic parts dipped in this solution. DO NOT PUT METAL PARTS IN THE VINEGAR SOLUTION BECAUSE IT COULD ALTER THE SURFACE COLOR.

When finished, rinse with clear water and put the aerator back again as described on the instruction.

(PDF File Download)

3) Limiting of the maximum opening towards hot temperature

a) Limiting the flow  
You can limit the maximum opening of your faucet by using the device we have installed on our taps. This is especially very useful where a high water pressure would cause a splash that potentially can wet the bathroom or simply to limit the water consumption actively. Follow the VIDEO instructions to execute correctly all operations. 

(PDF File Download)

b) Limiting the maximum opening of hot water erogation
Remove the small cover cap on the handle where the fixing screw of handle is fixed. With a 2,5 hexagon key you can now unscrew in anti clockwise the screw to loosen the handle. Unscrew the cover cap. Now you will see a red ring which is the limiting device. You can now take it out and open the water to test how hot you like to have it at maximum. Once you have the desired temperature you put in the ring again to limit the opening towards hot water. In this way you avoid that toddler and small children could burn by opening accidentally towards hot water. Now you can fix all parts the other way around as you followed from the start.

(PDF File Download)

4) TROUBLESHOOTING - SMALL REPAIRS... which you can do easy

a) Change cartridge for all taps 
Here you find a explanatory image file where you can see how to change securely a cartridge. 

(PDF File Download)

b) Change cartridge for FILTER TAPS  VZFL series 
Here you find a explanatory image file where you can see how to change securely a cartridge. 

(PDF File Download)

c) Change a spout 

In image file you will see how to change or substitute a spout on your tap, for example if you want to upgrade to shower system or orther new system.

(PDF File Download)

d) Fix Shower Holder on VZFL0181 taps getting too weak (shower falls off)
Here you find explanatory Videoclip how to fix the problem of falling off Handshower on VZFL0181 taps.
Our taps are built to be working forever, and that is why we did not use any plastic or other parts that would hold the shower firm
in place. If the shower will not stay in the Hanger part, simply follow the steps here described on this video to fix it back again.
This can be done as often as you like and the Shower Holder will never wear off.
d) 2 jet Shower switch Botton is not working?
If the switch Botton on your 2 jet Shower is not working - simply try to push firmly on the Aerator holding firm the external body. You should try to push the black inner part back into the external stainless steel cover that protects the shower mechanism. 
Once you pushed back the black part inside the chromed external cover, the Push button will release again and work perfectly.
e) Change stainless steel spring or flexible tube on spring spout (all VZ..110, VZ..180 version) 

This is a more complex operation and you will need to make sure you have a clean working area. For example your table with a soft cloth on it to protect all parts against scratches. 

We explain you here how to change the inner flexible tube of the Kitchen Spring Spout if it is broken or damages or if you simply want to change your Stainless Steel spring with a color silicon spring we offer.



Installation manual explaining all operations to fix parts and standard maintainance as well as all technical drawings



Instruction manual dedicated to 3 way Filter taps art. nr. VZFL011100 - VZFL011300 - VZFL018000 - VZFLE18000


Installation manual and instructions for refilling for soap dispensers


Installation manual for installing a spout 


If you do not find the information you need or you expected, please be kind and contact us telling us what you need. We are always happy to help and will send you all details you need.

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